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What kind of handle material should I use?

Holy shit what a loaded question. The short answer is there are too many things you can use as knife handles to list. What I try to steer people towards depends on how they are going to use their knife. If this knife is going to see some heavy use and hard times I tend to push people to G10. G10 is a fiberglass-epoxy composite material that is highly durable and corrosion resistant. It comes in variety of colors and looks great when its finished. If that same person doesn't like synthetic handle material then I suggest Walnut or some other common hardwood. If they want something a little flashy for a knife that is gonna be cutting Amazon boxes mostly then there are hybrid handles. These handles are made up of wood and epoxy, think little river tables but for knife handles. Lastly, if they want something Gucci then there are multi-piece handles or exotic stabilized wood. Multi-piece are exactly as they sound, handles that I craft out of different material and color combinations. Exotic stabilized wood is wood that is impregnated with resin to remove all space in the wood fiber making it not be effected by the weather or elements. Whatever you decide it'll look good.

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