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I started Stand To Blade Company while on my last deployment with the 75th Ranger Regiment. After getting back home I wanted to design and make my own hunting knife. With nothing more than some files, a vise, and a piece of steel my first knife began to take shape. From then on my obsession with knife making was born. 


What are your lead times for a knife?

Unfortunately knife making is not my full time job.  Lead times depend on my work schedule and the amount of shop time I get.

Is there a waitlist?

I almost always have a waitlist.  Not that I am God's gift to knife making but more so I'm trying to balance my love of knife making with being a good father, partner, work obligations, and life in general.  If you'd like to get on the waiting list then place an order through the site or contact me about a completely custom piece.  Orders are made in the order they are received.  

Can I get my knife made out of damascus?

Any knife I make can be made out of damascus, it's just way more expensive.  The amount of work that goes into making the steel and then the work to bring out the pattern are extremely time consuming.

Does the knife come with a sheath?

Yes, they all come with a kydex sheath.  You can upgrade to leather for an extra fee.

How do I design a custom knife from scratch?

Just send me an email at and we can discuss design, materials, and cost.

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